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No edge on a donut πŸ˜‚, just sayin'....

Perhaps we haven't yet discovered the edge, or the realms are that vast or interact without space inbetween.

If the observable universe is infinite,

our plane of existence would have to be infinite to exist.

Or we would be negligible.

Finite divided (observable, separable) by Infinity equals infinity.

Split infinites creates zero point energy, energy always exists, cannot be destroyed, regardless of spacetime or signal.

Time is of no importance, only life.

Character is the only constant to constantly change, this make ng it observable.

Strutting to and fro...🀯

2B in 3D is 4T2......mmmmm.

Just like a 3D default blender screen, a starter cube for sweet English tea, add clouds for coffee. πŸ˜‚

Voila, you have the brambleweeny 5000, probability driveπŸ‘ aka motivation.



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